Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself who you are?  Or maybe, you’ve contemplated about how you got to this exact moment and where you’ll be down the road.  I found myself asking that question a lot, “Who am I”?  Followed by a tidal wave of other questions such as, “What am I doing here”?, “What is my purpose in life”?, “How do I measure my self worth and success”?, “Where will I be 10 years from now”? and “How do I find happiness”?

For 30 years I have been on a quest to find and understand the purpose of my life.  I have come a long way but have yet to discover my ultimate potential.  Having spent majority of my life being conditioned and moulded into a subservient slave to consumerism, socialism and capitalism it was difficult to break free from the material world.  This material world and its expectations made me into something I didn’t want to be.  So I ask myself, do I just accept everything I was conditioned to believe in?  Or do I listen to that inner voice incessantly nagging away, telling me to look beyond what my naked eyes see.  Do I look toward the nonphysical world and search for a deeper meaning or truth?  If so, where do I even begin to look, let alone how do I find what I am looking for?

As I set out on my quest to find happiness, truth, knowledge and fulfillment I was led down multiple paths of discovery.  I learned that I have a passion for science, politics, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, theology, spirituality and health studies.  I am blessed with an inquisitive mind that is too stubborn to accept here say as fact.  I have a mind that strives for continual improvement, never wanting to stay comfortable and content with the basic teachings of this world.  Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to hush that intuitive voice that keeps popping out of nowhere in an attempt to guide me.  After 30 years I am finally listening to that voice that has always been there with me.  A voice that I dulled with the distractions of the mind and of this world.  This voice, is the reason why I am writing this blog today.

My inner voice is screeching at the top of its lungs and telling me to share with the world what I have learned so far throughout my journey.  To pass along whatever information I have gathered in hopes of helping anyone who has run a similar course as me.  But I have to ask, why would anyone want to listen too or read my opinions of life, happiness and self discovery?  What purpose or what void will I be able to fill in the hearts and minds of others seeking similar answers?  I am an ordinary, average, middle class minority living in the western world who sometimes feels unworthy or purposeless.  I do not specialize or work in the field of theology or spirituality.  I do not have an abundance of wealth, I am not famous or popular and do not influence hundreds of people.  I am divorced and have no children.  I come from a, once, poor to, now, middle class family who came to this country in hopes of living a comfortable life.  I am a woman who has made countless mistakes and has suffered and learned from those mistakes.  It is exactly because of those reasons that maybe someone will listen.  I am like everyone else who lives day to day trying to understand their purpose while it seems like the rest of the world has already figured it out.

On one hand, I am a very fortunate human being.  I had tremendous advantages in this world that many others didn’t, yet for some reason I was never happy.  The void I felt while having everything in the world frightened and confused me.  This led to a series of poor choices which ultimately led to my  personal destruction and breakdown.  It was during my weakest moment that I found what I was looking for.  I had to lose myself in order to find myself.  A few years back I lost my “soul” or inner voice due to poor judgement and have been on a quest to reconnect with it for some time.  While trying to reconnect I gained valuable perspectives toward life.  I now understand that there are MANY factors involved in achieving peace of mind and happiness.  But ultimately, a healthy mind, body and soul is where it all starts.  I hope to share my suggestions, insights and interpretations on certain topics of philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, science, health and spirituality and how they are all related to achieving happiness and ultimately finding ones purpose.  I don’t know if anyone will ever read my thoughts or opinions and if it even serves any purpose to write all of this.  But, my inner voice is guiding me to do this and I have to listen.  I only know a simple truth and that is, if you are blessed and have gained knowledge or wisdom, it is your duty to pass along that information simply because knowledge is to be shared, not kept hidden.

So, I share today only to help guide the misguided in finding what we all lost a long time ago, that inner voice that guides us.  I will share some truths, philosophies, theories and practices that if implemented, in your own life, will help you reconnect with your inner voice.  If you wish to understand yourself better and find your purpose, you have to start right where YOU begin and listen to YOUR voice.  I want to help those who feel helpless and stuck in the same routine to break free and discover your own truths.  At the end of the day, all we need is the right push to find out just how amazing each one of us really is!  After 30 years, I finally know who I am.  I am ME and I am here to help guide you in finding your inner voice and eventually figuring out who you are.  Enjoy the journey!


“Some philosophers believe we are all born with a soul, others believe we earn our souls through suffering and learning.” ~ anonymous   

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