There is nothing humane about the current state of our world.  In my quest toward self discovery I always found and made time to research controversial subjects.  What I learned so far has left my soul feeling rather weak and distraught.  My soul actually weeps for mankind, our earth, this universe and all its creatures and spiritual beings.  I am coming to the sad realization that as we, humans, evolve, we are losing our humanity.  I feel the need to express my sadness and share my thoughts with the world.  All I know is this, I believe in humanity and I believe we can change but it has to start by first acknowledging some key truths.

We are becoming zombies to the corporate world and will quite possibly rename our planet Earth Inc. one day.  We put more focus, time and energy in turning out a profit than helping our neighbouring countries fight poverty, disease and lack of education.  We evolved into greedy creatures that would rather keep more for ourselves than to share with those less fortunate.  We take more pride in our superficial materialistic accomplishments than doing a simple good deed for this world and our fellow man.  We are becoming creatures that do not value the essence of life.  We kill animals to put “fancy” clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet or fragrances on our skin.  We kill animals for gourmet meals.  We kill animals, just because we can!

We sit around as individuals feeling a sense of entitlement for our own lives as though this world or universe owes us something.  Whereas, we should be the ones who owe the universe for providing abundance all around.  Our universe provides us with life, water, air, food, nourishment, beauty, endless opportunities and natural resources, space and an unknown frontier, joy, peace, and the ability to live amongst a multitude of creatures without harm (for the most part and in favour of humans).  Yet, as humans, we are growing into creatures that only take and take and never give back.  This is becoming the norm and becoming what is acceptable and we don’t even sit back and question these morals!

We live in a time where technology can vastly improve the world, yet we are deliberately using it to create fear, hate, separation, war, poverty, and a plethora of evil doings.  We use technology to hurt animals and one another through genetic engineering.  We use technology to create disease and spread it worldwide instead of stopping, preventing and curing it.  We use technology to deliberately affect mother nature.  We purposely put chemicals in our soil, water, foods, animals, and in the air to experiment with population control.  We use our technology and mankind’s  genius to create massive weather tampering devices to affect the conditions of the earth to serve an agenda.

We don’t care if we see millions of men, women and children die because of stereotyping and generalization and we don’t bother to fix the problems of misinformation and discrimination.  We take pride in abusing our natural resources and depleting them through over consumption.  We do not consciously try to look for ways to fix these problems, instead we find more ways to keep mankind ignorant about solutions and brainwashed into believing that behaving this way is actually good for you.  We do not take the time to educate one another and spread the message of love through all our media outlets.  Media should cover stories that address the problems of this world, instead it glamorizes frivolous wants and false needs of a population with misconstrued priorities.

There are a lot of negative things to say about the lack of humanity we are showing these days.  I am a part of this massive problem and do not want to be anymore.  I feel like a speck in this vast universe and helpless to fix any of these problems.  I realize I can only start where I know change can occur, and that is right here with me.  I can change myself, even if I cannot change this world.  I can change the humanity within me to reach out and spread love.  I feel compassion and I feel something in me that makes me believe in humanities goodness.  It is my mission to prove that humanity still exists amongst us.  I witness the kind acts of strangers and see how nations help one another in times of natural disasters, war and duress.  I believe there are far more good than bad spiritual beings in this universe and I will prove that fact, simply, by being and doing good.


“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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