The religion I was born into does not believe in or practice the idea of reincarnation.  I actually grew up believing that anyone who believed in reincarnation was of below intelligence.  I had no basis for that judgement, it was based on sheer ignorance of the topic.  I was told not to believe in it, so I just accepted it.

Over the course of my journey, I have been concentrating on the topics of mind, body and soul.  Throughout the years I have studied many religions, practices, holistic and ancient theories and remedies for my personal knowledge.  With each new book I read, or person I met or discipline I started practicing, I started to gravitate more and more toward the idea of reincarnation.  I even went to astrologers, pandits, gurus, piers and psychics and had my numbers and astrology charts read to help predict auspicious dates and times in my life.  One particular reading told me that in January of 2012 my childhood would end.

I kept thinking “oh my God, something bad is going to happen, and someone in my life is going to disappear or die”.  I started thinking all these crazy things about what the reading meant.  I was preparing for the worst, but January rolled around and nothing bad happened.  But, it was in January 2012 that I started studying the topic of reincarnation.  Unbeknownst to me, the astrological reading was 100% spot on.  My childhood did end that very month.  My perception of life, the world, my place and purpose, spirituality and everything I believed in while growing up as a child, changed. 

I gravitated toward this subject for a reason.  I am still on a quest to understand that reason, but nonetheless, I gravitated toward it.  Growing up I naturally gravitated toward reading.  I read everything I possibly could.  I wanted to fill my head with everything this world had to offer.  I needed to know how everything worked.  There were also specific topics that always interested me, such as history, philosophy, psychology, arts, war, politics, inspirational leaders and etc..  As I kept studying the notion of reincarnation, I started to believe in it more and more.  Finally, one day what sealed the deal for me was when I stumbled across this book called, “The Autobiography of the Soul”.

This book, validated what I was feeling.  This thirst of understanding why I am where I am and why I am searching for the things that I am was being quenched through this book.  I connected with this book and I knew that I was meant to read it at the time I did.  The information that I opened up too and the knowledge that the universe was throwing back at me, was phenomenal.  After everything I have studied and felt, I cannot officially say if reincarnation exists, but there is a part of me that definitely feels strongly about this topic and I will continue to listen to my inner voice, because I know it isn’t steering me in the wrong direction.

Time to reflect:

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Have you or anyone you know experienced anything related to reincarnation?  If you don’t believe in it, I completely understand.  I was there too, once.  I think there is a reason why I gravitated toward this topic and I feel it’s necessary to share this idea with you all.  The idea behind reincarnation is beautiful.  That death isn’t the end, rather it is the beginning of something far more unknown than what the human mind is capable of thinking.


“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~ Rumi

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