Freedom = Slavery

We supposedly live in a free society, but, most of us are slaves to comfort.  We have the freedom to do anything we want, yet, we choose to stay grounded and rooted in our comfort zone.  We have the freedom to act and behave any way we want yet we choose to wallow in stress.  We become robotic and stuck in a routine that hinders us from truly being free to explore our passions and desires and make the most of life.  The price of our freedom in this day and age is slavery to a comfortable numbness.

How many of us are slaves to comfort?  I’d say majority of us.  The freedom that is so proudly spoken of in our Western culture contradicts what freedom is really all about.  What does it mean to be free?  Does it mean paying thousands for a degree and getting post secondary education to work in a job that doesn’t provide satisfaction and fulfillment?  Is freedom living pay check to pay check waiting for the weekend to spend our hard earned money?  Is freedom being in a relationship where we settle instead of being with someone who uplifts and challenges us?  Is freedom choosing to sit in front of the TV instead of going out for a walk or maybe helping the homeless or helping clean the city we live in?

We say we are free, but what are we really free from?  We were all born free.  Free to be and do anything.  However, somewhere along the line we lost our freedom because we no longer understood the meaning of freedom.  Our definition became convoluted and delusional to meet the standards and expectations of a fast paced society.  A society run by capitalism, money and greed.  A society that is never satisfied with what we have and always wanting more.  This pursuit for constantly wanting more has held us back from truly becoming free spirits.  Free to learn, grow, understand, accept and create new and beautiful things.

In our pursuit for more, we have become slaves of this comfortable lifestyle.  Where we are taught, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Instead of being encouraged to, find new and innovative ways to make life better and easier to connect with ourselves on a deeper level.  Instead of finding new ways to increase our time with ourselves, we look to increase our pockets.  This cycle then becomes a part of who we are.  We are free slaves, slaves of this lifestyle of chasing after more and being comfortable with it instead of being content with what we have and finding fulfillment in ourselves while trying to create innovate ways to connect deeper with our souls.

So, I encourage you, break the shackles of slavery and truly become free.  Be free to pursue your passions and dreams.  Be free to think for yourself instead of being told what to think and do.  Be free to try something out of your comfort zone to help you grow and develop as a human being.  Be free to learn what it actually means to be FREE.

Time to reflect:

Are you free?  If so, what does it mean to be free?  Have all the money in the world?  All the opportunities in the world?  Or, does freedom mean to have the ability to pursue yourself?  Freedom means you can seek knowledge and truth to help you understand yourself better.  Freedom means to do what your inner voice leads you too.  Freedom means creating new and innovative ways to help human beings connect deeper with themselves, faster and easier.  Freedom is not being a slave to comfort which most of us are today.  You were born free, so take your birth right back and become FREE.  


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” ~ Bob Marley

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