I was never one to believe in Horoscopes, astrology readings/charts and etc. because of how I was raised.  My birth religion also didn’t promote such philosophies or ideals to help understand the life cycles through the alignments of the planets, stars, the moon and etc..   Until about 5 years ago when I went through my divorce and started searching for answers I had no interest in Astrology.

Since my divorce I have gone to Pandits, gurus, psychics, and finally astrological chart readers to determine my fate and my journey.  The initial reason I went on this search for answers, attributed to my old habits and ways of needing validation from others about my life and my choices.  But, as I went to each new source for information, I realized this was the path I was meant to tread.  I was meant to experience this flow of information.  I was meant to collect and gather all the facts for my personal knowledge vault.  Again, being a Jill of all trades, required me to know as much about this topic before I could make a personal judgement.  After experiencing all the channels to understand Astrology and how it works, I can firmly say that I believe our lives have already been written and we are just the drivers of the cars on predetermined tracks/roads.

Another motive for why I wanted to get involved in astrology was because I did a study on the richest and most powerful individuals of this world (from a financial standpoint) and the one thing in common that every successful person had was their belief in Astrology.  Every person on that list claimed that they always had their Astrological Charts read for each month and year to outline the most auspicious times and dates for their decisions.  I know, this sort of sounds crazy right?  It’s almost as if you’re giving up control of your life all based on the interpretations of some “dude” or “dudette” reading your planetary alignments.  How can someone in such a powerful position let the stars determine his/her fate?

Well, after having my charts read and analyzed, I can safely tell you that having your charts read and then making decisions based on that information does not mean you are giving up control of your life.  Instead, you are understanding and accepting the path that was predetermined for you based on time, and you are preparing yourself for the changes that are already outlined for you.  For example, 2 years ago, when I had my first real reading, I was told that some time in October I would lose my childhood.  Now that was very vague at the time, and my delusions and old bad habits of thinking what could be vs. what actually is, played out and I thought of the worst case scenarios.  Whereby, I thought possibly I would experience a death in the family or of someone really important to me.  But, in fact, unbeknownst to me, the prediction was absolutely right.  During that month, my values, beliefs and everything I was taught while growing up as a child, completely changed and I no longer believed in the things I was once taught.

I have since gone back several times and I am now taking my readings a lot more seriously.  I am prepared for the changes that are going to inevitably happen because the stars have shown that I will face adversity during certain times in my life.  I am prepared to make choices in my life that will help me get the most out of my readings.  I am aware of certain dates and have a guideline of when to expect certain rewards and when to put in the hard work to then be able to reap those rewards.  I was meant to learn about this to share this with skeptics who do not understand or believe in the power of Astrology.  Try it out and take a look at your life backwards.  If the predictions of your life are accurate based on your past readings, then maybe, being prepared for the future isn’t such a bad thing, especially when you have the master plan already there in front of you.

Time to reflect:

Do you believe in Astrology?  If not, why?  Is it because of how you were raised or just misinformation?  Either way, I encourage you to try to get a professional reading done.  To make sure it’s accurate look at the past 10 years of your life.  Ask questions and go back on the readings and see what the alignment of the stars had in store for your fate in the past.  You will see for yourself, that the transitions, pains, joys and everything you once experienced, was already meant for you to experience.  You will be able to see, that the universe was expecting and anticipating all those changes for you.  The universe already had certain experiences mapped out for you and that you were meant to play it out the best way you could.  If this is true about your past, then doesn’t that give you some validation to trust in the readings for your future?  Give it a try and I promise you, you will be quite astonished with the findings, this coming from a once non-believer.    


“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more”. ~ Carl Jung

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