I am very fascinated by finance and the economy in general.  I have a background in studying business and spent a large portion of my young to middle adult years studying and understanding how finance works.  My research in this area peaked a curiosity in figuring out how one becomes a major player in the economy.  I really wanted to know what sets apart the big wigs from the rest of us small fish.  So, I set out to do some research, obviously on Google, and typed Top 100 billionaires.  As I scrolled down the list I noticed that majority of the billionaires belonged to certain industries.  This led me to conclude that one could only be successful and truly reach “billionaire status” by working in these industries.

I got so discouraged because I felt like, damn, all my hopes and dreams of becoming a billionaire one day are gone.  I don’t work in the Energy or Investments industries, so there goes a large avenue in which I go possibly go down to achieve “billionaire status”.  But, then luckily I came across this Forbes list of industries that produced billionaires worldwide.  After reading it, I felt a little bit more at ease and realized, I can’t base my life and wants on past precedence.  Yes, precedence allows guidance and prepares you for certain outcomes that a rookie might need to be aware of.  But, I need to not be afraid to be a trail blazer and set a new path, one that’s never been tread.  Much like many of the billionaires of today.

Do you wish to become a billionaire?  Take a look at this list and see if you or your industry fits the profile.  I know I hope to be a statistic in this list in the future.  Wish me luck and I wish you all the luck as well, regardless of what your dreams may be.

Industries that produce Forbes Billionaires Worldwide

1. Investments: 148
2. Fashion and Retail: 146
3. Real Estate: 129
4. Diversified: 125
5. Food and Beverage: 100
6. Technology: 95
7. Manufacturing 89
8. Energy 83
9. Finance 78
10.Media 69


“It doesn’t matter who you vote for. It’s still the same billionaires that run the world”. ~ Geezer Butler

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