What is the meaning of detoxification?  Well, it’s sort of like a cleansing of the body from inside out.  The scientific explanation is the removal of toxic substances from a living organism.  Detox occurs when the body tries to eliminate and remove toxins produced in the body from foods, the environment and our genetics.  We are all relatively clean people whereby, we shower, keep our bodies and hygiene clean, brush our teeth, and etc..  However, rarely do we clean ourselves from the inside.  The reason being is we are not educated on the proper methods for detoxification.  Most of the time we aren’t even aware when our bodies require a detox.  So, I want to share with you all some symptoms that you should be aware of to determine whether or not you may benefit from a detox.

If you experience any one or more of the following symptoms, you may want to consider researching detoxes particular to your health needs.

  • Allergies
  • Bad breath
  • Bloating
  • Dark under-eye circles
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion
  • Poor concentration
  • Skin issues
  • Sluggish digestion

Here are some tips on how to minimize your toxic load and help keep your liver (your detox organ) clean.

  • Drink lots of WATER!  Stay hydrated.  Drinking good quality water daily helps flush out toxins.
  • Eat foods that contain high fibre such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts and seeds.  Fibre helps to eliminate toxins by stimulating bile flow.  Also, the more regular and better your bowel movements are the more toxins you release.
  • Eat organic and avoid foods that use artificial ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, additives, and preservatives.
  • Eliminate anything that hinders your detoxification such as caffeine, alcohol, white sugar and bad fats.  Chemicals are also absorbed through the body and this means you should avoid certain beauty care products that contain harmful chemicals such as perfume, antiperspirant, makeup, soap, cream and etc.
  • Exercise!  Try to move your body everyday!  Incorporate effective breathing as well to help reduce stress and help blood flow to all the areas of your body to keep it limber and flexible.
  • Eat more detoxifying foods.  These foods can stimulate the liver to detox, purify the blood and promote bile flow and regular bowel movements.




Sleep paralysis

My very first experience with sleep paralysis occurred 1  1/2 years ago, after a very traumatic and life altering personal experience.  I made a controversial decision that took my mind to a very negative place.  I was weak, vulnerable and susceptible to negative energy.  During this time I retreated into myself and created doubt, fear, depression and a heap of negativity within my mind and heart.  Let me explain to you what I experienced.

A few nights after dealing with some personal trauma I fell asleep really late, probably around 2 or 3:00am.  For the past few days it was hard to fall asleep so I got into the habit of dozing off much later into the night.  I had a dream where I was driving in a car with my best friend, who is very much into spirituality.  When all of the sudden we got t-boned by an oncoming car and that’s when everything went pitch black and then I heard a distinct sound.  It was the sound of white noise, like when the cable goes out.  The noise was so loud, it was progressively getting louder and louder in my head until I finally woke up.  My eyes opened up wide, but my body was completely paralyzed.  I had a sudden feeling of panic, terror, fear and felt a terrible darkness come over me.

I tried to scream for help but my mouth was wide open and not a word was coming out.  I even tried to speak the simplest and purest word, God, and I couldn’t do that.  I finally shifted my eyes, since that was the only part of my body that I could move, and in the corner of my bedroom on the ceiling I could see a levitating dark shadow.  As I screamed in my head because of this horrific vision, I could see it slowly making its way closer to me, gradually getting larger and slowly consuming my bedroom in darkness, a terrible deathly darkness.  I could feel my room sinking into this darkness.  The darkness kept getting darker, if that’s even possible, it’s like something I’ve never experienced, the colour black got even darker.  Then, like out of a horror movie, I saw the shadow hovering over my face looking at me as I screamed in silence and was running out of breath.  I could see its mouth open and suck the energy out of me.  I started to feel the energy being pulled out of me like black airwaves being sucked out of my mouth.  I screamed the word God one last time with every ounce inside of me and finally, I was pulled out of this paralysis after what seemed like an eternity, by convincing myself that what I was experiencing and seeing was not real.

After experiencing sleep paralysis I really thought something was wrong with me.  I couldn’t sleep and I was shaking for hours until I saw the sunrise.  I called my best friend and told her the story and to my amazement she told me her brother experienced the same thing a few months back.  I thought I was crazy but knowing that she knew someone close who experienced it made me feel so relieved.  She helped me cleanse my house and tried to get rid of the negative energy that may have been still floating around.  We took sage and smoked every corner of the house and said a few prayers.  After doing what I could to temporarily calm me down, I started to do some research on the topic of sleep paralysis.  Firstly, I didn’t even know what to search for because I didn’t even know it had a name.  I googled dark shadow during sleep and thousands of hits came up under sleep paralysis.  I read hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials and stories of incidences and felt a much greater calm and understanding of what I experienced and possibly why I experienced it.

I do not wish anyone to experience sleep paralysis especially if he/she is in a negative state of mind.  During negativity these dark shadows appear because they want to drain the physical being out of its light energy.  If the person is aware that no harm can be done to his/her physical body then he/she can snap out of sleep paralysis.  But, if you are unaware of what is happening, it might feel like you are being lead to death by the grim reaper himself.  The reason I share this story is to make others aware that this is common.  This occurs to many people and there is nothing wrong with you.  In fact, it’s an indication that you are very special and you have the ability to feel, see and understand the multi-dimensions that we live in.  Your mind, third eye and pineal glands are activated on a deeper level to help you connect to parallel dimensions.  You are very special and you do not need to be worried, ashamed or fearful of this gift you have.  Now that you are aware of this, if you ever experience this, do not worry, you will get through it.

Time to reflect:

Have you ever gone to sleep only to be awoken in the middle of the night with a terrifying and paralyzing sensation?  During the experience did you see, hear and feel a dark ominous object float or linger closer to you?  If so, you may have experienced sleep paralysis.  This is your mind sharing deep information with you.  You have the ability to feel and see other dimensions if your mind, third eye and pineal glands are properly activated.  Don’t worry if this happened or happens to you, many people have gone through this.  In fact, you may want to study this subject more and see how you can take advantage of this gift you have.


So there is a trend going on with the youth these days.  Actually, it’s not just the youth, it’s pretty much anyone who owns a phone with a camera on it.  This trend started once camera phones came into existence.  The infamous selfie!  What is a “selfie” you ask?  Well, it’s a picture that a person takes of him/herself, particularly focusing on a close up of the face.

The reason why I am writing about this trend is because I was driving down my driveway about a week ago and noticed a young girl (probably about 14-16) stop right in the middle of the driveway to take a “selfie”.  This didn’t bother me in the least, it was just something that I noticed and was aware of.  The following day, I was again driving back home and noticed the very same girl stop in the exact same position as the day before, to take another “selfie”.  This time, however, it did bother me.  It made me wonder, what is the need for this young girl to take the exact same picture of herself, in the exact same pose, with the same background, just with a slight different look (as in different clothes), again.  It then made me think how many other pictures of herself did she take in the exact same position.  What is this obsessive need that people have these days of wanting to look at themselves over and over again? I mean carry a damn mirror if that’s the case!

I then started thinking about this trend that everyone is following.  Taking pictures of themselves looking exactly the same way they did in every picture they took.  This trend promotes low self-esteem and a heap of other negative things.  I am all for taking nice pictures and wanting to feel and look good.  I myself am a “selfie” taker when I feel I look extremely attractive or I want to show off.  But, what bothers me is that this trend is creating obsessive characteristics in people.  People are becoming vain, obsessive and needy for attention.

A picture is supposed to capture a moment in time that you want to remember.  How many times can a person look at themselves being captured in the same moment every moment?  It just doesn’t make any sense.  Once in a while, I understand.  Even every week I understand.  But taking a “selfie” every day, multiple times a day?  Is that even healthy?  If you are a notorious “selfie” taker, I suggest you get some help.

I think you may need to look into your soul and ask yourself a series of deep meaningful questions that require honesty about why you have such a need to take selfies.  This is not to insult you or make you feel like I’m judging you, it’s simply to bring awareness to a deep seated issue that maybe you’re not seeing at the moment.  I find people who are constantly taking selfies are trying to fulfill something that they are unaware of.  That is why I suggest, you ask yourself what it is you really need and want out of your life.  So, I end by saying, I cannot wait for this trend to be over, because I think many of us can be using our minds and talent for much greater things than taking “selfies”.


“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously.  A person may be proud without being vain.  Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us”. ~ Jane Austen


Don’t apologize for your strengths

For many years I have been fighting my inner instincts and trying to conform and fit into society and the many categories mankind has created.  But, for all my years so far on Earth, I have not been able to conform nor do I wish to anymore either.  I never did things the conventional way, always breaking boundaries and trying things that most wouldn’t.  I never understood why I had to follow rules that I had no part in making up, particularly rules that affect the general well-being of every living creature.  I never understood why people were categorized based on their appearance, their finances, and etc..  But, somewhere along the line I realized I no longer cared to conform because I finally accepted one of my biggest truths and realities.  I am a Jill of all trades and I will never apologize for this blessing and strength that I have been given.

I have been through countless events where I was judged negatively for being the way that I am.  I am someone who strives to learn a new skill every day.  I am someone who feels compassion and has an authentic curiosity to figure out ways to improve the worlds general well-being.  I also love adventures and spontaneity, but, I am also very practical and logical.  I am a little bit of everything and I always used to apologize to everyone for not being able to be like others, who have mastered one trade.  I apologized for not being like others and not doing things the way everyone else was “supposed to” be doing it.  By doing that I even hindered my personal growth, particularly with my “career” and finances.

Furthermore, I did not accomplish many of the things people my age already have and I constantly judged myself for this “failure”.  I blamed it on my inability to “choose” the right path for myself.  I constantly told others that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with my life because I was strong in many areas and equally passionate about those subjects.  Others also agreed and put me down for my lack of direction.  All the while I was developing my strength unbeknownst to me.  By being myself I gained many valuable skills and learned many critical techniques that I could apply in the many areas of my personal interest and passion.

After realizing my strength I told myself I will never again apologize for being myself.  I will not apologize to myself or anyone being a Jill of all trades.  I will not apologize for not being like others and conforming to their way of doing things.  Sure I may not accomplish things at the same pace as everyone else, but, I do get the job done while staying true to who I am.  I will never again apologize for doing things differently because if everyone of us were the same, this world would be a very boring place.

Time to reflect:

Are you tired of apologizing for what makes you uniquely you?  I am!  I have vowed to myself that I will never again look at my strengths as my weakness.  Instead, I will take pride in what makes me, me.  I suggest you do the same if you ever feel this way.  If you do things differently than others and you get the same or if not better results then you keep doing you!  You do what makes sense to you, not what makes sense for the general population.  Do not conform, be uniquely you and stay true to yourself.  I wish you all the luck and send you all the love as you reach your highest potential.  


You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk



I am beyond blessed and fortunate to have my family.  Although we have quite a dysfunctional family system I couldn’t ask for a better family.  God blessed me with a mother, father and younger brother.  I am further blessed to have an extremely connected and loving extended family as well.  I have always been surrounded by those that I love and having lived my whole life this way gives me a sense of fear, because I know it will all be gone one day.

With age I am realizing how important family is.  I always knew this, but, my own life experiences have solidified this belief I have.  I realize with each passing day, the importance of letting your family know how much they mean to you.  I now know the importance of thanking your family for always being there no matter what.  I understand that we need to go out of our way to show our family how much we care.  I am aware that any given day, all of my blessings can be taken away without even a warning.

I am so afraid.  Afraid of the day that I will not be able to tell my loved one that I love him/her. Afraid of the day that I won’t be getting those “annoying calls” that I always avoid.  Afraid of the day that I will come home and not have my moms “same old” home cooked meals.  As I write this I am filled with emotion, sadness, and tears are welling up in my eyes because I can just imagine that day.  Knowing this about the future makes me count my blessings today.  I have made a promise to myself that I will not go another day treating my family the way I have in the past.  Going forward, my family is my priority and their happiness is my drive.  What I learned from my family I want to instil in my own family one day.  Until that day comes, I will make it my life’s mission to make sure my family gets everything and more.

I urge you to take some time to be thankful for those around you, your family.  If you are blessed enough to have a family, thank God for this blessing.  Family doesn’t always have to be blood, but, if your family is blood related, do your best no matter what your relationship status is, to show them you care.  Go above and beyond what even you would do for someone.  We only have one life to show those we care about, just how much we care.  So, make the most of your life and treat your family like gold.  One day life will pass and you will never get that chance again.  But, if you’ve lived a life knowing you did your very best to show your loved ones you care, dealing with the inevitable day where everyone is gone, will be that much easier.  Thank you God for your blessings every day, but thank you especially for giving me my family, and making every day worth living that much more.

Time to reflect:

Have you counted your blessings?  Have you done enough and everything possible to make sure your family is happy?  What more can you personally do to make your relationship better with your family?  Is it something really simple like picking up the phone when they call?  Maybe spending one day out of the month having dinner or going out on an adventure?  Whatever it is, are you doing it?  Because my friend, one day that chance will no longer be there.  And when that day comes will you live the rest of your life with regrets or beautiful memories?  Take a moment to reflect and going forward, do more and do good for your family.  


“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”. ~ Michael J. Fox

How to handle a dying relationship

So, after 3 plus years in a committed relationship, my boyfriend and I decided to mutually break up.  For the past few months I have not been happy in my relationship and I had the feeling that my partner wasn’t either.  We both got into the relationship fully aware of our personal faults and limitations.  Based on that, I guess we tried our very best to hold on to what we worked so hard to build.  But, there comes a time when you realize that the relationship you’re in might not be the best thing for you.

For months I was lying to myself, telling myself that I was happy in my relationship, when all the while I knew I wasn’t.  The first step toward handling my dying relationship was to be honest with myself.  I had to admit to myself that I was not happy.  Once I was able to determine that I was not happy I took time to understand what it was about my relationship that made me unhappy.  I wasn’t happy with how my partner was treating me or the lack of respect there was in our relationship.  I constantly felt like there were conditions put on me that I had to meet or else I wasn’t deserving of his love.  All the while, I was loving him unconditionally.  After facing myself, I realized the next step was to face my partner with my true emotions.

It took me months to muster up the courage to “talk” about our relationship with him and discuss where it’s going.  For months I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach every time we had an argument.  It was an uneasy feeling where I knew that these fights were deeper than the actual fight itself.  There were hidden big undertones or messages in the fighting that occurred over small and frivolous things.  So, I dove right in and started talking about what I really wanted out of a relationship.  I communicated my wants in a relationship and what I felt I was deserving of and what I could give back in return.  Once we were both able to openly discuss what we both really wanted, we were able to see how far apart we were in terms of our individual needs.

After we were able to determine that neither of us were getting what we really needed out of this relationship we decided it was best to take some time apart even if it was for a few days or a week or two.  By taking the time apart we both were able to force ourselves to get back into our regular “single” routines.  I focused much more on my yoga and meditation.  I went to the gym more frequently to get my mind off of things.  By the time I would get home I was too tired to worry about “missing” him.  As the days went on and communication ceased between the two of us, it just got easier and easier to not check in with one another.

So, it has been several months now and we both mutually agreed to not contact each other.  The communication just naturally stopped and because we were both honest with one another, the “not talking” part of this whole ordeal was much easier to deal with.  I didn’t feel any guilt or pressure that I wasn’t doing 100% in this relationship.  It was like for the first time, I felt like I had made a mature decision that I knew was the right thing to do even though my heart felt hurt.  It was so much easier to let go this time because we both want each other to be happy.  Both of us made a selfless decision based on wanting to make the other person happy, even if it meant we couldn’t be the ones making each other happy.  Overall, I know that in the long run, this was the best thing for both of us.

Time to reflect:

Are you in the middle of a dying relationship?  How do you normally handle these type of situations?  Does the idea of breaking up hurt so bad that you’d rather just stick it out in the “unhealthy” relationship?  Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard or hurtful, especially if both of you understand each others expectations and wants.  Communication is key.  If you can communicate to one another of your needs and wants you stand a greater chance of being able to fulfill those needs and wants.  But, if you fail to communicate you not only jeopardize your sanity but also the possibility of a friendship out of the relationship.  Mutually breaking up is not a bad thing, in fact, it may be the first sign that you are officially taking control of your life on a positive note.  You are aware of what you want and deserve and you are giving yourself the chance to attain that.  


“Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect you is actually a gain, not a loss.” ~ anonymous