Sleep paralysis

My very first experience with sleep paralysis occurred 1  1/2 years ago, after a very traumatic and life altering personal experience.  I made a controversial decision that took my mind to a very negative place.  I was weak, vulnerable and susceptible to negative energy.  During this time I retreated into myself and created doubt, fear, depression and a heap of negativity within my mind and heart.  Let me explain to you what I experienced.

A few nights after dealing with some personal trauma I fell asleep really late, probably around 2 or 3:00am.  For the past few days it was hard to fall asleep so I got into the habit of dozing off much later into the night.  I had a dream where I was driving in a car with my best friend, who is very much into spirituality.  When all of the sudden we got t-boned by an oncoming car and that’s when everything went pitch black and then I heard a distinct sound.  It was the sound of white noise, like when the cable goes out.  The noise was so loud, it was progressively getting louder and louder in my head until I finally woke up.  My eyes opened up wide, but my body was completely paralyzed.  I had a sudden feeling of panic, terror, fear and felt a terrible darkness come over me.

I tried to scream for help but my mouth was wide open and not a word was coming out.  I even tried to speak the simplest and purest word, God, and I couldn’t do that.  I finally shifted my eyes, since that was the only part of my body that I could move, and in the corner of my bedroom on the ceiling I could see a levitating dark shadow.  As I screamed in my head because of this horrific vision, I could see it slowly making its way closer to me, gradually getting larger and slowly consuming my bedroom in darkness, a terrible deathly darkness.  I could feel my room sinking into this darkness.  The darkness kept getting darker, if that’s even possible, it’s like something I’ve never experienced, the colour black got even darker.  Then, like out of a horror movie, I saw the shadow hovering over my face looking at me as I screamed in silence and was running out of breath.  I could see its mouth open and suck the energy out of me.  I started to feel the energy being pulled out of me like black airwaves being sucked out of my mouth.  I screamed the word God one last time with every ounce inside of me and finally, I was pulled out of this paralysis after what seemed like an eternity, by convincing myself that what I was experiencing and seeing was not real.

After experiencing sleep paralysis I really thought something was wrong with me.  I couldn’t sleep and I was shaking for hours until I saw the sunrise.  I called my best friend and told her the story and to my amazement she told me her brother experienced the same thing a few months back.  I thought I was crazy but knowing that she knew someone close who experienced it made me feel so relieved.  She helped me cleanse my house and tried to get rid of the negative energy that may have been still floating around.  We took sage and smoked every corner of the house and said a few prayers.  After doing what I could to temporarily calm me down, I started to do some research on the topic of sleep paralysis.  Firstly, I didn’t even know what to search for because I didn’t even know it had a name.  I googled dark shadow during sleep and thousands of hits came up under sleep paralysis.  I read hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials and stories of incidences and felt a much greater calm and understanding of what I experienced and possibly why I experienced it.

I do not wish anyone to experience sleep paralysis especially if he/she is in a negative state of mind.  During negativity these dark shadows appear because they want to drain the physical being out of its light energy.  If the person is aware that no harm can be done to his/her physical body then he/she can snap out of sleep paralysis.  But, if you are unaware of what is happening, it might feel like you are being lead to death by the grim reaper himself.  The reason I share this story is to make others aware that this is common.  This occurs to many people and there is nothing wrong with you.  In fact, it’s an indication that you are very special and you have the ability to feel, see and understand the multi-dimensions that we live in.  Your mind, third eye and pineal glands are activated on a deeper level to help you connect to parallel dimensions.  You are very special and you do not need to be worried, ashamed or fearful of this gift you have.  Now that you are aware of this, if you ever experience this, do not worry, you will get through it.

Time to reflect:

Have you ever gone to sleep only to be awoken in the middle of the night with a terrifying and paralyzing sensation?  During the experience did you see, hear and feel a dark ominous object float or linger closer to you?  If so, you may have experienced sleep paralysis.  This is your mind sharing deep information with you.  You have the ability to feel and see other dimensions if your mind, third eye and pineal glands are properly activated.  Don’t worry if this happened or happens to you, many people have gone through this.  In fact, you may want to study this subject more and see how you can take advantage of this gift you have.

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