Focus on what you DO know

It’s so easy to slip into this habit of being “lost”.  We live our lives trying so hard to figure out who we are or where we’re going.  We put so much emphasis on the unknown that we live a life chasing after things.  Life is a gift that teaches us balance.  Just as great as the unknown is, the known is even more fabulous.  There are so many definitive things in this world that we should be concentrating on.  If we did this more often, we would live a much happier existence.

Growing up I was always confused about who I was and where I was going because I lacked direction. While my peers were out developing skills and talents while participating in after school activities or clubs, teams or whatever it was, I was sitting at home babysitting and rotting away in front of the TV.  This made me feel like I didn’t know what I was meant to do.  I genuinely enjoy doing many things, in fact, I’m pretty good at a lot of things.  This also confused me even more because now I had no idea what to focus my attention on.  Here I was, someone who was good at many things but never good enough to be considered an expert or qualified to pursue it further as a possible “career” or passion.

This created many deep seated issues during my adulthood when I really should’ve figured out my path.  I focused so much on the idea that I DIDN’T know what I was doing that I hindered my own growth.  Instead of sticking to what I was good at, trying many new things and exploring my options, I didn’t try anything new.  Instead, I got stuck in a routine because I forced myself to settle and get into jobs that didn’t suit me or I was over qualified for.  I tried this in an attempt to fit in to the normal society.  I was told once you graduate you get a job regardless if it’s not in the field of your interest.  I wasted years investing in attaining experience in areas that have no relevance to my personal passions and growth.  All the while I should’ve really been focusing on what I DID know, which was what I was really interested in.

I want us all to stop focusing so much on the things that we DON’T know and start concentrating on the things that we DO know.  By focusing on what we do know we force ourselves to make conscious choices that align with our genuine interest.  If you know something about yourself, such as, you’re an excellent swimmer or you are an amazing singer then focus on finding solutions to how you can keep doing what you know.  Instead of focusing on, “how can I make money out of this industry?” or “how can I ever compete with so many undiscovered talented people already out there?” and etc., we need to change our focus to, “I know I am amazing so how do I meet the right people to show case that?”  This simple yet complicated attitude shift is what we need in order to really become the best we are meant to be.

Time to reflect:

Do you waste your time focusing on useless things such as all the things you DON’T know?  Start focusing on what you DO know.  You hold a lot more power than you think and a lot more control of your decisions and life.  If we understood this about ourselves we would make better and more conscious decisions that would help propel us to reach our ultimate potential.  



“Instead of focusing on the circumstances that you cannot change, focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can.” ~ Joy Page

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