Entertainment Age

We live in a time where technology has evolved to such a degree that mankind can barely keep up.  The overload of information is astonshing.  We are bombarded with information about all likes of this earth.  You want to learn about science, there are millions of avenues through the internet, schools, and etc. to gain access to that particular type of info.  However, because of the abundance of information we are all lost in a sea of knowledge.  I say we are lost because although we have access to this vast knowledge, barely do any of us know how to truly utilize and filter through the information overload.  It may seem like we are living in the information age based on the current state of our world, the reality is we are all actually living in the Entertainment Age.

What is the Entertainment Age?  It’s what we experience day to day, living in a society where we live in abundance of entertainment information.  The media, social networks and technology uses entertainment to connect with the mass public.  The only way to pass along knowledge or information in this world now-a-days is through entertainment.  Mass public attention focuses on how one feels.  The only way most of us feel anything anymore is if we are stimulated through entertainment, whether it’s good or bad entertainment.  Entertainment is whatever excites our emotions.  When we hear gossip, see something cool or exciting in a movie or on TV, or witness a celebrity speak about a cause or promote a service or product.  We are living, breathing, eating, and sleeping in the Entertainment Age.

Now imagine if our feelings were utilized correctly and we felt the same way we did about knowledge and information as we did about entertainment.  Most people would rather spend hours educating themselves on their favourite celebrities comings and goings than finding out their own passions.  Most people would rather listen to gossip than create or invent something new.  Most people would rather escape their own reality and live vicariously through other peoples lives by witnessing them do amazing things while they sit on the sidelines.  It’s scary how much self control most of us lack because of this Entertainment Age.  It’s almost as if the Entertainment Age is forcing us to push the onus or blame on others for not achieving our own personal goals.

Imagine a world where everyone realized the state we are currently in.  We would all wake up and make more conscious decisions for ourselves rather than being told what to do by other more “successful” people.  The Entertainment Age has created many brilliant and talented people and we should use this time as an inspiration to become far more than what we are right now.  We as mankind, have not even reached our full potential.  By being consumed with mundane and useless information we lose track of the main purpose of the Entertainment Age; giving us entertainment.  Instead, we now live by it and make poor choices based on entertainment knowledge, not ACTUAL knowledge.  So, I urge you, use this Entertainment Age for what it is and do not allow it to consume your actual world.

Time to reflect:

What are your thoughts on the Entertainment Age?  Should we keep ourselves so mired in this state while technology and the world evolves faster than our own conscious beings?  Or, should we actually use this time for what it actually is, simple entertainment, instead of being consumed by it?


“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.” ~ Tony Robbins

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