Perscription Painkiller Addiction

We are living in an age where percription medicine rules the world of health. We often become so dependent on the use of perscription medicine we find little relief in natural or alternative remedies to help cure our ailments. We live in an age where we require quick fixes rather than getting to the root of the problem even if it takes a little longer. We would rather temporarily fix a problem than to find out the real reason behind our recurring problems. It seems we don’t have the time in our current “now” to deal with sickness. We can’t afford to take time off to research, travel and find the necessary alternative solutions. We need immediate relief to get back into our fast paced lives of working, paying bills, and spending our free time doing other things of priority.
I wanted to write about why I believe we become addicted and dependent on these unhealthy solutions. In fact, I am going to primarily focus on prescription painkillers as I know this is one of the fastest growing addictions in our modern day.  Many of the reasons I am going to mention are very common and occur a lot more frequently than we think.
  • Deceptive Euphoria – The dependence of this drug ties hand in hand with dealing with emotional and physical pain. Opiods have extreme side effects of euphoria. Many people will feel extreme pleasure which may seem quite surprising. The repeated chase of feeling that same pleasurable experience is craved by the intaker. The need to feel the initial pleasurable experience requires more painkillers/medication to achieve the same result as the first “high”. The high creates a sense of relaxation that one often enjoys because he/she has been dealing with extreme pain for so long. This provides relief to many who suffer from chronic pain.
  • Masking emotional pain – This doesn’t occur immediately, rather, once the intaker takes their first couple of pills they realize this medication creates distance from their pains, both physical and emotional. Usually people suffering from physical pain also deal with extreme emotional pain and soon grow dependent on relieving all the pains in their lives through the use of one little pill. Overtime a “chase” occurs, whereby, physical pain is relieved through drug use, then emotional pain is also relieved, followed by withdrawals, which creates negative feels, therefore more drugs are used to mask or relieve the negative feelings that occur because of the withdrawals.
  • Tolerance – Just with anything in life, too much of anything is not good. Particularly with painkillers/medication, the human body develops a tolerance to the drug. With time larger and stronger doses are required in order to achieve the initial “high”. Tolerance to any drug/substance is the first sign toward addiction.
  • Withdrawals – Often, people addicted to prescription painkillers/medication believe that they need more of the drug because their pain remains or gets worse. This occurs because of the mixed chemical messages being sent throughout the body. We go through ups and downs and cannot handle the chemical withdrawals that occur through the body. This creates a sense of imbalance and we physically feel the withdrawal effects on the body. The pain is intensified and the chemicals in our brain are amplifying the negative effects as we come down, off the high.
  • Painkillers are Legal – The world we live in offer painkillers (which are drugs) to every person who has access to it, legally.  These drugs are funded and supplied by companies.  They are meant to be taken in small doses to help those in need but many abuse this system because of the legal benefits/advantage pharmaceutical companies have.  These drugs are not only provided but their use is encouraged by medical professionals.  Police do not knock down the doors of pharmaceutical companies.  Which is pretty ironic if you ask me.
  • Inaccessible Alternative medication – There are many effective forms of alternative medication that the general public is oblivious too. Even physicians here in the Western world avoid providing information because they lack knowledge or simply because they would rather profit from prescribing medication and coating symptoms rather than curing ailments. Having access to non-drug pain relief medication is very difficult to find in the Western world. This is one of the main reasons why people become dependent on prescription medication.


“An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.” ~ Criss Jami

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