Create Yourself

So, I had my astrological charts read and I did so because I read in an article that the billionaires of this world have their charts read.  I aspire to be a billionaire one day, so I mimicked what the ultra rich have tried and tested.  I went to a colleauge of mine that recently started offering a spiritual and astrological charts reading service.  He is in his 60s and after years of not knowing his own ability to analyze numerology and astrology he finally gravitated toward it.  He opened up his own business and offered ultra affordable rates so I decided, “hey why not?”  As we sat together I joked and told him, “I promise you, you will be reading the charts of billionaires one day, and the first one you will start with is me”.  We both had a good laugh about this.  Isn’t it true that people laugh when there is an element of truth to the joke (wink)?

After speaking with him and personally analyzing the data for almost a year now, I am well on my way to creating myself into the person that I want to be.  I realized after going through many transitions with my belief system, scientific, religious, and then spiritual, that I cannot solely wish for what I want and live on hope, in faith and destiny, but rather, I have to create situations in my life to help align myself with that vision.  Religion teaches us that our destinies and paths are chosen for us.  I agree that our destinies are chosen for us if we allow the world and everything around us to make critical life decisions for us.  If we do not take the onus on ourselves and initiate or create certain opportunities our fate is sealed and by the time our lives come to an end, our purpose/destiny has already been laid out for us.

What I have realized is like everything in life, we must have a balance.  We must have faith and let go in times when we cannot see the bigger picture, but, we must also help ourselves by creating a life worth living.  We cannot solely depend on the universe and it’s energy.  The universe helps those that help themselves.  I am at a point in my life where I realize in order to make the drastic changes in the world I wish to see, I must make those changes within myself first.  Once I am in the position to help myself, I can achieve certain goals.  This will create a ripple effect and thus, allow me to fulfill the purpose I believe I have and am creating for myself.

Time to reflect:

Are you living life accepting what is and hoping that everything will work out?  Instead of soley hoping, why not actively create as well?   By doing this you are allowing yourself to live out your destiny the best way possible in this “one life” we live. 


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

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