Deep Tissue Acupuncture

I recently met with a foreign doctor, who specializes in Eastern Medicine.  He performed deep tissue acupuncture to help alleviate many of my health concerns.  I got into this horrible habit of self-medicating using perscription medication and going to Western doctors who really had no clue what they were doing.  Most of them I found got their degrees in South America and then applied for Med School in America or Canada and became licensed professional doctors.  Many of the doctors I met with did not know about alternative solutions nor did they have any interest in providing me with information about alternative ways to help cure my ailments.  So, after hearing about this doctor through word of mouth, I booked an appointment and had a consultation as well as one full session of acupuncture.

Witnessing my parents deal with certain health issues had me very concerned for my own well being.  I started noticing minor problems in myself that existed in my parents, but, in a much more acute form for them.  I also witnessed how they dealt with the illnesses and didn’t agree with their methods of fixing their problems.  I realized I couldn’t tell my parents what’s best for them, so instead, I opted to show them.  I decided to live by example and took a more conscious approach to dealing with my health issues.  Ultimately, the decision to go to acupuncture was for myself, but, I believe deep down, I really was doing this for them.  I was tired of watching them fall into this cycle of becoming dependent on medication and deteriorating right before my eyes.

While the doctor performed acupuncture on me, he concentrated on the key areas that I told him I had issues with.  Most, if not all, were the same things my parents were dealing with individually.  Now, with deep tissue acupuncture, you are pricked with a 6-7 inch, thick needle that is supposed to stimulate energy flow at the pressure points.  Each time he pricked me, a shock wave of energy flowed through the limb or body part he touched.  In one particular instance, he pricked me and I had no reaction.  The normal thing during these sessions is to have some type of pain reaction because the nerves and tissues are being stimulated.  If those nerves do not react, the tissues surrounding that area are likely to be so toxic that they are blocking your pain receptors.  Within our first meeting he was able to tell me how toxic my body and organs were, simply through touch.

He also focused on opening up my chakra because he diagnosed me with hyperactivity.  He explained that I am naturally an active person, however, over the years I have somehow developed anxiety which turned my active personality into hyperactivity.  I didn’t realize how accurate he was because the once calm and collective me was not so calm nor collective.  I would be very passionate with my emotions, both negative and positive.  If I felt something it was felt with great intensity and created a lot of anxiety because the energy being channelled was coming from a wrong and toxic place.  Which is why for so long I have dealt with rollercoaster emotions and just validated it as being a passionate person.  But there is a big difference between passion and anxiety.

After opening up my chakra I felt like a veil of cloudiness or fog covering my mind and eyes was lifted.  I felt and saw a swirl of colors at the crown of my head while my eyes were open.  I literally went from seeing fog to seeing things with so much more light.  Everything I laid my eyes on had a glow and the colours I noticed were much more intense and brighter.  My personal experience with deep tissue acupuncture is my way to let the world know to trust in alternative ways to heal your problems.  I live by example, good and bad.  If something is bad and I tell you, it’s most likely because I tried it and I know the side effects of it.  Likewise, if it’s something good, it is also because I’ve tried it and I know it will help those who are seeking answers.  At the end of the day, I can only open the door of information for you, it is up to you to walk through and take advantage of the knowledge and feedback.

Time to reflect:

Do you want to try deep tissue acupuncture?  If so, do not just go to any doctor.  Do your research and find someone who does not need advertising.  Find a doctor through word of mouth.  That is my ultimate recommendation.  Be honest and tell him/her exactly what’s wrong and allow them to work their magic. 

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