With the many recent autrocaticies happening around the world my soul has been crying out to say or do something about it.  Although I am just one person, with very little to no influence, I still feel an obligation to share with the world my views on the way media is currently handling the many situations.  I am completely blown away and disgusted by the way media coverage has been so unbelievely biased and one sided.  It is the duty of those in media to portray both sides of every story, both good and bad.  The media has failed, beyond repair, in informing the general public of the truth of each situation.  I understand and accept that media is controlled by rich and powerful people and television and news are used as tools to brainwash the mass with frivolty instead of educating them.  With everything that has gone on recently and over the last 100 years since propoganda was created, it is evident that media does not serve a real purpose other than to deliberately skew the minds of unsuspecting people with false information.

I am writing this in an attempt to reach out to those working in media and have one person, just one person, who is a part of this vicious media cycle, to have the courage to come out and present the truth for what it is.  No hiding facts or information and presenting false and biased information.  If this world really wants to see results and positive change, we need to open up and expose the truth for what it is.  I understand there is great fear amongst those working in media, for many who have tried in the past to expose the truths were murdered.  Many great whistleblowers have been murdered by officials and people in power as a means to hide the truth.  Why is this?  How many more lives must we kill before the truth actually comes out?

So, I urge those of you working in the media, please, please, please stand up for what’s right.  Look past your own personal needs and help by being that voice that others clearly lack.  If we all stand together, we can fight anything that comes our way.


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