Rituals Vs. Science

Have you ever wondered about the many cultural rituals that people have and where they originated from or what the purpose is?  Well science has proven to help explain some of the many rituals that we practice.  Science helps explain why we do what we do and the benefits of doing said ritual.  Below, I will list 9 rituals that have been explained by science.  Please take a look to understand some of the most common rituals of our modern day.

1. Throwing Coins into a river – When we think of throwing a coin into a river or a fountain or a body of water, we typically associate it with attaining Good Luck.  However, the scientific explanation is that in ancient times, most currency which was made of copper not stainless steel coins like today, would act as a vital metal for the human body.  By throwing the coins into the river it would ensure that we intake a sufficient amount of copper as some of the river acted as a source for drinking water.

2. Namaste/Joining both palms together to greet others – Often when we think of this gesture we immediately think of the Hindu culture.  We often associate this gesture with “Namaskar” which is a greeting of respect.  The scientific reason for this gesture is that by joining both hands together you ensure a meeting of all pressure points.  Joining the tips of all fingers together; which act as pressure points of the eyes, ears and mind, activates the pressure points which helps us remember the person we are meeting for a long time.  Furthermore, this acts a defense mechanism for attracting germs since no physical contact is made with others.

3. Worshipping the Tulsi plant – The Tulsi plant, a very sacred plant in Hinduism, is recognized as a religious and spiritual plant.  This plant has great medicinal properties and acts as a remarkable antibiotic.  Ingesting Tulsi everyday in the form of a tea or other means helps increase ones immunity and help prevent disease, stabilize the health and overall prolong life.  Also, keeping a Tulsi plant at home prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering the home and also it is noted that snakes avoid Tulsi plants at all cost.

4. Wearing a Toe ring – The significance of wearing a toe ring (for married Hindu women) is that the toe ring is typically worn on the second toe.  This toe has a specific nerve that connects the uterus and passes to the heart.  Wearing the ring on this toe strengthens the uterus.  It apparently keeps it healthy by regulating blood flow while regulating the menstrual cycle. Back then most of these rings were made from silver and as silver is a good conductor it absorbs polar energies from the earth as they pass through and into the body.

5. Temples having bells – Most hindu temples around the world have a bell placed at the entrance or in front of a religious statue or idol.  People visit these temples and are expected to ring the bell.  According to religious beliefs, the bell is used to create a specific sound for warding off evil forces and making pleasant sounds for the Gods.  The scientific reason is that the ringing actually clears our mind and helps us keep full concentration while praying.  The sound these bells produce create a vibrational force in our brain that activates both parts of the brain, left and right sides.  When the bell is rung it produces a sharp enduring sound which lasts for a minimum of seven seconds in echo mode.  The duration of the echo is long enough to activate all seven healing centres of the body thus, emptying the mind from negative thoughts.

6. Worshipping the Peepal Tree – The Peepal Tree is commonly known as a useless plant, it doesn’t bare any fruits, it’s wood is not strong enough to be used for any purpose and only provides shade.  However, this tree is highly regarded as sacred and many worship it.  The main reason for its existence is that it is one of the only (or possibly even the only) trees that can produce oxygen even at night.

7. Applying Henna on the hand – It is a common practice in many cultures to apply Henna to the hand and feet before getting married.  Besides giving a beautiful colour to the hands, Henna acts as a powerful medicinal herb. Weddings are often very stressful and as weddings approach many deal with stress which can lead to headaches, fever or overall anxiety.  The application of henna can prevent stress as it acts as a cooling agent to the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense.  The hands and feet house these nerves that once cooled down can help reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Sitting on the floor and eating – The main purpose of this tradition is not for respect.  The reason for sitting is to mimic the “Sukasan” position while eating.  Sukhasan is a posture in Yoga that helps activate proper breathing.  Sitting in this position while eating helps improve digestion as the circulatory system can focus solely on digestion and not on the legs dangling from a chair or supporting us while we stand and eat.

9. Why we shouldn’t sleep with our head facing North – The myth with this ritual is that it invites ghosts or death at your bedside when you sleep in this direction.  Science explains that the human body has its own magnetic field because of the flow of blood.  Earth acts as a giant magnet.  When we sleep with our heads facing north, our body’s magnetic field become completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s magnetic field.  This alignment causes problems related to blood pressure and our heart thus needs to work harder.


Cheating yourself

There have been countless times where I cheated myself. I set goals then lied to myself about the work I put in, the actual results I achieved, went back on my word, and even the reason why I was doing it to begin with. Who does this hurt at the end of the day? Only me! I write this because I need to put myself on blast for all the wrongs I am committing against myself.  I am acknowledging the truth of my matter.

By cheating yourself you spiral into destructive habits.  You fall into depression because you come across as a liar and a cheat to yourself.  You create a persona of yourself that lacks discipline, self control, self worth, self respect, is weak and lacks integrity.  By cheating yourself you trap yourself in this false identity of who you really are.  You feel embarrased because your supporters believe in you so much while you lack any belief in yourself.

The reality is that I am not doing as much as I should be.  I have many amazing ideas and I am excellent at starting things, however, I lack consistency and congruency.  The fact is I need to be real with myself for my sanity.  It’s great to have knowledge and speak of certain truths, but, what good is that if you cannot apply those truths to your own life and lead by example?  I have a long way to go in terms of accepting my strengths and weaknesses.  I am aware of my downfalls and by putting myself on blast I am not placing judgement or putting myself down, in fact, I am doing the exact opposite.  I am allowing myself to grow and change because I cannot accept the current frame of mind I am in.  I cannot live a life where my dreams and visions do not match my reality.  If I know that I am cheating myself how can I ever be an example to those who look to me for help or advice?  My advice would be biased or unjust because I would not be in the right frame of mind to help someone else.

Going forward, the only way I can avoid cheating myself is by being completely transparent with myself.  If there are things I wish to do, I have be honest about my intentions.  Why am I doing this, for who and what and etc.?  I have to ask myself real questions and if I cannot answer those questions then I need to realize that what I am doing in that moment will only lead to me lying to myself.  I have to consciously catch myself before I get into the habit of cheating myself by noticing my energy or lack there of.  If my energy toward a particular goal or vision is not on high vibration mode, then it means I will not put all my effort into said activity.  The reason why I will do this is to avoid getting involved in activities that will take time away from what is actually good for my development.  By noticing my energy level I can make an honest judgement on what I am investing into.  If I am lacking energy even before committing to something, than I know that the results I will attain will not meet my expectations or will not fulfill me the way I want it too.

I am no longer going to cheat myself.  I plan to do this by being honest and true to myself and admitting when I haven’t done what I need to do.  This will force me to take appropriate actions to align myself with my goals.  I need to take better and more conscious action toward achieving my goals and I can only do that if my mind isn’t distracted by my own lies.  There is nothing wrong with not accomplishing things, but there is something wrong with setting out goals, doing it half-assed, lying about the results because you never attained them the way you anticipated, and ultimately cheating yourself of personal development.

Time to reflect:

Do you cheat yourself?  Do you tell yourself you will do something and then recant or go back on your word?  This might be something so small that you don’t pay attention too such as making your bed in the morning, or exercising 3 times a week and etc.. But, it’s those small habits that lead to your character.  Do you want to be known as a cheat and liar to yourself?  Because I know I don’t!  I want to be able to look myself in the eyes and with conviction say that everything I do and say is 100% the truth of my reality.  Once I become that woman, I can achieve anything, and so can you!


Superficial me

I remember a time when I used to be something that I am not, nor something I wish to ever be again. I remember a time when I became this person that I didn’t even recognize while looking at myself in the mirror. Let me tell you a story about my once superficial self.

I studied at the # 1 University of Canada and during those years I was introduced to a multitude of new experiences. It was during my university days that I realized there was so much more to me than meets the eye. I realized that I was rather attractive to the opposite sex and drew men in with my personality and looks. I had a hot body, killer style and boy could I dance. I was the life of the party, all without the need for alcohol or any other intoxicants. I started experimenting because that’s what students do.  I experimented with my personality.  I tried to embody the various personalities that I came across, such as the studious student, the wild party animal, the sexy seductress, the loyal girlfriend, the ride or die chick, the best friend, the spontaneous adventurous girl and the list goes on.  Along the way I discovered my likes and dislikes, but most importantly what I learned was my own limitations.  After experimenting for 4 years I finally decided to settle down into a personality that I felt was me, a stay at home wife.  It was during this time that I developed the superficial me.

I remember a time when I never repeated the same clothes for 2 and a half years straight. I never even repeated my undergarments. I would spend hours getting ready putting on makeup, doing my hair and spending my husbands hard earned money on cosmetic procedures such as eyelash and hair extensions, dye jobs, fake nails, contact lenses, shoes, clothes and a whole list of self absorbed activities. I became obsessed with always looking different and having stylish clothing every day. I was known for my style and my “glamorous” lifestyle. Many of my friends at the time, were envious of what I amassed. This apparent freedom, to be pampered always and not having to work hard or contribute back to society in any meaningful way, was what made many jealous.  Little did they know the darkness, depression and tragedy glooming within my soul that was developing as I continued on this destructive superficial path.

I had become so used to this superficial me, that when life changed it was like a ton of bricks just hit me.   It was a very sudden change, everything around me was falling apart and dissolving into nothing.  My identity that I built in the past few years was no longer something I could live with or wanted.  I remember the day I realized the person I was looking at in the mirror was not who I ever wanted to be. I remember many occasions where I would stare at myself in the mirror and not recognize who I was through those coloured contact lenses.  It took me losing everything to realize my limiations.  I know what I am fully capable of.  I can be a bitch, I can be selfish, I can be self absorbed, vindictive, and I can even hate and judge with no real reason.  These traits I developed scared the shit out of me.  I couldn’t in good conscience be that type of person to my children (if I decided to have any) and teach them these lessons in life; wasting money, spending without care, being vain, always chasing after happiness in material things, and etc..  This thought was haunting me and I finally had a breakthrough one day when my entire world came crashing beneath me.  My ex filed for divorce because of a selfish mistake I made.  That loss of identity freed me from the monster I was becoming.

The person I was becoming was never my intention.  Life happened and it forced me to make unconscious decisions that felt good at the moment based on misinformation.  The many choices I made were never thought out and quite reckless and detrimental to the well being of myself and others.  This habit was almost becoming my character and that fact alone was the wake up call I needed to change who I was.  I never want to be remembered for my superficial ways, instead I want to share my story of my demise to help inspire you.  I want you to realize that not everything is as it seems, not even you.  Those happy moments you are experiencing are not real if you are not content with your being.  For me, it took losing myself and my soul to be found again.  I had to experience the journey of losing sight of who I am and want to be by becoming something I was not meant to be.  If you are also experiencing this dual personality, it may be your soul screaming out at you to rediscover who you are actually supposed to be.


“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.” ~ Douglas Pagels