Consciously living healthy

Over the past few years I’ve been gravitating toward subjects related to health and wellness.  I particularly had an interest in holistic medicine, meditation, yoga, raw food diets, healthy living, self healing, and consciousness; just to name a few.  Around the time of my quarter life crisis, I realized that I was quickly approaching my 30s.  So, I went on a frenzy to gather any and all information that would help me age gracefully.  Living in a society where women are constantly judged on their appearance and pressured to stay looking young by any means, made my paranoia, with aging, grow exponentially.  I wanted to target specific areas that I was having trouble with.

For the past 5 years I’ve been trying to live healthy, but failed to maintain that lifestyle.  Today, I have made a conscious decision.  I am going to live a healthier life by consciously changing my habits and lifestyle.  This is a bold statement considering I have a lot of bad habits that, some would say, are hypocritical of living a healthy lifestyle.  I binge eat and prefer junk over healthy food, I drink and smoke, and finally I don’t get proper sleep or exercise.  But, if I aspire to accomplish this conscious choice, I have to declare my intention and follow through with the appropriate actions.

The first step to consciously living healthier is to acknowledge the flaws.  I know personally, I lack a proper diet and don’t exercise regularly.  I have wrinkles, grey hair, hair and bone density loss because of stress and my constant binge eating, drinking and smoking and lack of sleep and proper exercise.

Becoming aware of the problem will force you to do something about it.  The very fact that you are consciously aware of your problem creates a moral obligation to change yourself.  Once you’ve acknowledged the flaws honestly, you then have to choose what to do and how you can change those flaws.  I personally gathered information on raw food diets in an attempt to eat healthier.  I researched specific at home workout routines targeting my weak areas to avoid paying costly membership fees at the gym.  I then researched holistic and natural remedies  to help improve my overall wellness without it costing an arm and a leg and resulting in evasive surgery.

The next thing is to stay true to yourself and try what works for you.  We’re constantly surrounded by people on Facebook or Instagram taking millions of pictures of their weight loss or success.  It’s easy to get mixed up in the hype of doing what every body else does.  So, you have to consciously choose who to follow as your role model.  Choose someone with similar features or body type as you, or someone who dealt with similar bad habits as you and overcame them.  Follow those who are striving for similar goals as you.  By doing this you can learn their techniques and apply it to yourself the best way that suits and helps you achieve results.  Remember, you were born original don’t die a copy.  Don’t copy others, make up your own rules by learning from others while making it work for you.  By applying these techniques you finally get to address the problem, face it, come up with a plan to fix it and then follow through with actions that ultimately help change it.

Here is a list of things I am consciously choosing to work on in my life:

  • Eating healthier – focus on raw food diets, avoid foods that contain GMO’s, avoid junk food and consciously choose a healthier option by making my own smoothies and meals
  • Exercising regularly – work out 3 times a week and incorporate one activity such as yoga, pilates, kick boxing, or etc. in addition to working out
  • Cutting out my bad habits – stop drinking alcohol, only on rare occasions, cut out smoking, only on weekends never during the week, eat smaller portions more times throughout the day to avoid binge eating at night
  • Using natural remedies to improve my health – use red palm oil for hair loss and reducing greys, ginger to improve blood flow and increase hair growth, add silica, cinnamon, lemon and honey in tea and other foods to help build my immune system, use almond and castor oil for my dry skin and to naturally reduce wrinkles, do facial yoga and try acupuncture to improve blood flow to the face for a natural facelift, incorporate meditation in my daily life to naturally reduce stress without resorting to western medicine (ie. pills)

Time to reflect:

Have you consciously chosen to do something?  Maybe you too are trying to live a healthier life.  Are you on a budget and looking to not spend a ton of money to change?  Are you looking to cut out some of your bad habits or maybe incorporate new good habits?  Whatever you wish to achieve, once you’ve chosen to consciously do something, take the time to reflect on what that something is.  Be honest with yourself and stay true to who you are.  Focus on the areas you are concerned with and research your options.  Look for role models with similar goals as you so you don’t get caught up in the hype of achieving results not intended for you.  Once you’ve consciously chosen to do what you want, following through with the appropriate actions to achieve your results becomes very easy.  Do you have any tips for living a healthier lifestyle?  If you do, please share!


“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. ~ Buddha


Sometimes you can do all the right things and take all the necessary steps to prepare for success but, for some unknown reason you get stuck.  You get stuck in a position where you can’t grow, can’t move forward, you have no alternate plan, or you just can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being stuck is the universes way of telling you to slow down and to help reinforce positivity.  It is a moment in time where the universe conspires to help you analyze the situation forcefully through a different set of eyes.  Being stuck forces you to make choices that you may have lagged on and procrastinated.  This is the universes way of forcing you to ask yourself certain questions you normally avoid.

For example:

You may plateau after losing 50 pounds.  You’ve been doing everything right, nothing has changed, you have been doing the same routine which helped you lose the first 50 pounds.  This is a time when the universe is telling you to look at your situation and see why this is happening.  It also reinforces how far you have come and forces you to ask yourself, “What can I do differently than before to lose the remaining 50 pounds”?

Or take myself for instance, I was stuck for quite some time.  I tried many things in the past that really led to nowhere.  Or so it would seem.  I would learn new skills and then get stuck and not know how to proceed and apply those skills in my business or day to day life.  I would get into a cyclical habit of not knowing how to use those skills to make money or improve my life drastically.

The reason why I kept getting stuck was because I wasn’t heeding the directions of the universe.  The universe was forcing me to ask myself questions that I normally avoided.  I was forced to ask myself, “what went wrong?”, “what did I do differently this time?”, “did I even do anything differently this time?”, “how can I use this as a learning experience?”, “why do I keep getting stuck, do I keep repeating the same mistakes?”, “what can I avoid next time?”, and etc.  After finally asking myself the right questions I was able to let go of what I was really stuck on, the idea of being stuck.

Moreover, I learned that these moments of being stuck should be used as personal checkpoints to reinforce how far you have already come versus focusing on being stuck and not knowing where to go.  Human nature is to focus on the problem rather than the solution.  You feel bad because you don’t know the next step.  This is supposed to be a time to reinforce positivity.  You need to focus on how far you have come along and acknowledge your collective accomplishments to date.  Being stuck should be a time to reinforce how grateful you are for all that you have learned and for all that you know.  Once you acknowledge and are grateful the universe will be able to guide you and teach you how to get over being stuck.

Time to reflect:

When you feel stuck, take some time and allow the universe to guide you.  Ask yourself the questions you’ve been avoiding or that are tough, and be honest.  Slow down and analyze the situation using a different set of eyes.  Then allow yourself to acknowledge all your accomplishments to date.  Do not focus your attention on why you are stuck and where you still need to go.  Then use that time to reinforce how great you are and appreciate what you already know and how far you have come.


“Being stuck is a position few of us like. We want something new but cannot let go of the old – old ideas, beliefs, habits, even thoughts. We are out of contact with our own genius. Sometimes we know we are stuck; sometimes we don’t. In both cases we have to DO something.” ~ Rush Limbaugh 

Connect with Inspiration

Let’s face it, you can’t expect miracles to happen just because you found your source of inspiration.  How many of us are inspired daily by the people around us yet we do nothing to change ourselves.  We take a brief moment out of our busy day to acknowledge “wow that really inspired me to go out and get fit, buy a new car, make more money, or etc.”  But rarely do we, after acknowledging that source of inspiration, act on it or proceed further.  We stop dead in our tracks because, the truth is, we don’t know what to do next.

For example, one day you watch one of your peers, who is normally shy, get up on stage and belt out a song and it’s incredible.  You are so inspired by her you want to go out and get started on something…but…you…don’t know….what that something is….This is the reality for most of us…we temporarily feel a high and concentrate so much on that high that once it’s gone we don’t understand how to proceed.

The key is not to just focus on the inspiration itself, but to draw from that inspiration and connect with it.  There is a reason why you felt inspired at that moment.  There was a spark of something.  And we need to consciously focus on what that something is.  Ask yourself, what exactly inspired you about that performance.  Maybe it was the idea of a shy woman who, is generally an introvert and never speaks out, had the courage and conviction to go out in front of a crowd and perform like magic.  Maybe you connected with the fearlessness she displayed for those brief few minutes and you enjoyed watching her do something she loves and is naturally good at.  Those things that you saw in your source of inspiration is actually a reflection of what you want to see in yourself.  Think about that for a minute.

Think for a moment, maybe, what you saw in that person, was a mirror image of what you see yourself doing or are capable of doing.  I’m not saying you’re going to go out and perform a song and blow the crowd away.  But what I am saying is, you too, can have that same courage and conviction doing what you love.  You too can have that same fearlessness while you approach a goal or task  that you’ve always wanted to tackle.

Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds and show off your sexy new physique to the world.  That confidence, courage and fearlessness that you see in someone else is what you wish to have.  And you can be like that if you take the time to reflect and allow yourself to connect with your inspiration.  Go deeper than that momentary high and thrill you get from observing your inspiration and start connecting and being your inspiration.

Once you’ve reflected on what it is in them that you value, appreciate and admire make a conscious effort to see how you fit in.  Knowing where you stand, how you fit in and how similar you are to your inspiration is a powerful tool in your life.  Your awareness of yourself will drive you to finding answers to the questions and doubts you have.  By connecting, it is that much easier to act on your inspiration and follow through with actions that will help you get closer to your goals and finally be like your inspiration.

Time to reflect:

Next time you feel inspired, try connecting on a deeper level to see how similar you already are to your inspiration, then follow through and act on it.  As you keep applying this technique, prepare for the magic to unfold in your life.


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. ~ Saint Francis of Assisi