Here is a list of different styles of meditations

Woman practicing yoga at sunrise

Atma Kriya Meditation – Very new meditation style that concentrates attention on all levels of existence; physical, energetic, intellectual emotional, mental and spiritual.

Guided visualization – Popular meditation style that uses concentration on images.  Often practiced through listening to a recording of sounds or guided meditation.

Heart Rhythm Meditation – Style of meditation that focuses on breathing while concentrating on the heartbeat simultaneously. Attention is centred around the heart and uses it as its source of energy.

Kundalini – Originates from Vedanta in Hinduism.  Kundalini refers to the uprising of the stream of energy that exists in humans.  The purpose of the mediation is to reach the root Chakra and ride the stream of energy to infinite potential.

Mindfulness “Vipassana” – A popular meditation style that originates from Buddhist traditions.  Focuses on being “present” and allowing thoughts to occur and pass while detaching oneself from their thoughts.

Qi gong – Is a Taoist style of meditation.  This focuses on breathing techniques to allow energy “qi or chi” to flow through the body and its organs.

Transcendental Meditation – Simplified style of Vedanta which originates from Hinduism.  Sitting in upright position while chanting a mantra.

Zazen – Seated meditation that focuses on posture and “just sitting” for long periods of time.







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