I have come to realize that in order to live a magnificent life, one needs to be outstanding at all times.  You can’t pick and choose which day you want to be outstanding, you have to be that way consistently.  Well, you can live a life of inconsistency but where will that lead you?  It may lead you to a mediocre life that meets the basic standards of this society.  You may live a comfortable life based on what others believe your comfort should be.  Or you may live a very unfulfilled life, always wishing you had done more, knowing you had the potential.  Whatever the case, if you are inconsistent, then expect to live a basic to comfortable life.

Consistency is one of those things that you have to develop.  It isn’t something that just happens, you have to work at being consistent.  Developing this “good” habit of being consistent leads to “excellent” habits which in turn leads to excellent outcomes.  Consistency occurs when you are able to perform your A game every day and with everything you do.  Consistency in your work, your exercise or diet, your relationships, your personal development and etc. all lead to living a very magnificent life.  By being consistent you are helping yourself achieve greater results.

Human nature is to cut ourselves slack when we realize we are burning out.  I can’t tell you how many times I gave up on an exercise routine or diet because I thought I achieved enough results to satisfy me momentarily.  I would reason with myself and say that, “oh I’ve been doing so great for the past 2 weeks so I can cut some slack now and relax for a week”.  These little inconsistent patterns led to so many, “I wish I had started earlier” or “I wish I didn’t cut myself slack” moments.  By picking and choosing which days I wanted to be on my A game, I set myself up for failure.  Instead of being on my A game all the time and every day, the progress I would make in 2 weeks would mean nothing when I would relax for 1 week.  By taking the unnecessary time off I would negate all the growth that occurred in the prior 2 weeks.

Being consistent not only leads to outstanding results but it is a way of life.  I have made a conscious decision that I want to be consistent in everything I do going forward.  I will make conscious choices to be consistent at everything I do.  Even if it’s something really small like consistently making my bed every morning.  Or consistently going to yoga 3 times a week, every week.  By starting small and consistently doing the small things while on my A game, I can then tackle the larger habits of inconsistency I have.  Eventually, this will lead to me to living a consistent life which will hopefully lead to many magnificent outcomes.

Time to reflect:

Are you inconsistent?  Do you cut yourself slack unnecessarily when you know you should continue giving your A game?  Well, stop!  Make the effort to be more consistent.  Start off by doing the small things that you know you put off or cut slack on, like cleaning your room or eating right every day.  By performing the little things as if you’re on your A game, you will start developing standards of expectations for yourself.  You will see outstanding results where you once saw ok results.  This standard will force you to grow and develop consistency in all of your actions.  So go ahead, start being consistent and start with the small things.  Soon you will see how magnificent your life will be, all because you chose to be consistent.  


“I’ve learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work”. ~ Louis C. K.

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